When you think of Belize, eco-resorts, Mayan ruins, and white sand beaches might come to mind. Sure, those are all part of Belize, but there’s A LOT to explore beyond that.

We’re grateful to share stories straight from the mouths and inside the homes of families who recently joined our program in Chunox, Belize.

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Punta Gorda, Belize

Founded: 1999
Office: Corozal
Staff: 4
Graduated families: 247
Active families: 52


Tree roots and agriculture in Punta Gorda, Belize

Sustainable Harvest Belize has been partnering since 1999 with local farming families to find practical, sustainable strategies to improve well-being and the health of the local environment. 

With operations previously in the southern districts of the country, Sustainable Harvest International has expanded its influence and impact northward to the districts of Corozal and Orange Walk. The sugarcane industry and other large, conventional agricultural outfits dominate the local environment and economy. High deforestation rates coupled with increasing development make this environmentally rich and biodiverse landscape an important new focus.

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Siquatepeque, Honduras

Founded: 1997
Office: Siguatepeque
Staff: 10
Graduated families: 667
Active families: 201

Farmer in crop fields in Siquatepeque, Honduras

Sustainable Harvest Honduras is our largest and oldest program, noted for its commitment to community participation and empowerment.

Logging and slash-and-burn agriculture have destroyed or damaged large parts of Honduras’ once-pristine tropical forests.

Rugged mountains and hills cover close to 80% of Honduras’ total land area, making agriculture a challenge for the local families who depend on it for their sustenance and livelihoods.

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Penonome, Panama

Founded: 1998
Office: Penonome
Staff: 9
Graduated families: 262
Active families: 149

Happy farming family smiling in Penonome, Panama

Sustainable Harvest Panama started its work in the Coclé Province and the Lake Alajuela region, and has since expanded its work in and around the municipalities of La Pintada and Penonomé. 

Panama is a country challenged with soil erosion and siltation of the Panama Canal, environmental problems due to mining, and a mounting disparity of wealth. Vast expanses of tropical forest and mangroves are being exploited for short-term material gain, threatening the thousands of plant and animal species native to the country, and those families whose livelihoods depend on the ecosystem.

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Use the map* below to learn more about where we work. You can zoom in and out using the +/- controls on the bottom right-hand side of the map. Each tree represents a family and their farm. Click on a tree to learn the name of the family, community, their field trainer, and what phase of the program they are in. Have questions about what you see on the map? Email us.


*NOTE: This map is periodically updated.