Maryann Hartman Award - University of Maine

2015 Beneficiary - Passports with Purpose

Land, Wildlife and Urbanization Finalist - Classy Awards

Environmental Laureate - International Convention of Environmental Laureates 

Sargent Shriver AwardNational Peace Corps Association

Distinguished Service Award - Garden Club of America

Classic Woman Award - Traditional Home Magazine

Women of the Earth Award - Yves Rocher Foundation

e-chievement Award - eTown


Americans Who Tell The Truth portrait series
by Robert Shetterly, Artist

"A farmer in a remote village in Honduras is providing us with organic coffee, providing winter habitat for our song birds, stabilizing our global climate, preserving the forests that are the source of most of our medicines, creating oxygen to breathe and protecting the coral reefs from siltation as a result of deforestation. So if a poor farmer in Honduras can do all this for us, what can we do for him?" - Florence Reed, SHI Founder