Part 1: Meet the Reyes

Part 1: Meet the Reyes

This is part 1 of an 8-part story sequence featuring Joaquín Reyes and his family. For two years, Sustainable Harvest International Field Trainer Mariano Navarro has worked with the Reyes, who are just about to enter the third phase of our program. To learn more about our phases and methodology, click here. Otherwise, read on!

“Don Joaquín, there’s a huge spider hanging off of you!"

Joaquín turns around to look at us. He casually observes the many-hued spider dangling from his straw hat and says, “Oh, her? She’s one of my collaborators,” without skipping a beat.

Unlike many subsistence farmers in Piedras Gordas and elsewhere, Joaquín not only understands that his actions are part of a delicate system, he’s decided to change the way he treats the environment. Sure, most of his peers may still practice slash-and-burn farming and rely on synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers in order to farm, but not Joaquín. He knows that he plays a crucial part in maintaining the balance of the ecosystems that sustains him and his family. He also knows that the best way to teach is by being a good example.