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Climate Ride Pacific Northwest

Join us as we cruise nearly 300 miles through the majestic Pacific Northwest on a fully-supported bike ride to raise money for Sustainable Harvest International. Click here to learn more.

What is Climate Ride?
Climate Ride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.

Tell me more about the Pacific Northwest Ride.

Climate Ride Pacific Northwest is an exciting international route that explores the newly-coined Salish Sea (which includes Puget Sound, the Georgia Strait, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca) while riding counterclockwise and discovering the best of the Pacific Northwest. On this itinerary, you'll start and end in Seattle and visit Washington State's San Juan Islands, Canada’s Vancouver Island, and the spectacular Olympic National Park. 

You'll ride along beautiful rugged beaches, visit historic port towns, breathe the cool, fresh air of the temperate rainforest, and pedal to the peaks of the stunning Olympic Mountains. From tide pools to glaciers, this five-day cycling adventure offers a diverse array of landscapes that deliver the cycling experience of a lifetime accompanied by many new friends.

Where can I learn more about the Pacific Northwest Ride Route?
Right here. Click on the "Day-by-Day Info" tab.

What do you mean by "fully-supported" ride?
We mean Climate Ride will feed you three square meals a day, and provide plenty of pit stops (with snacks) along the way! In addition, they'll transport your luggage, set up lodging, and provide on-site support during the ride. Routes are well-marked. In addition, Climate Ride staff will provide fundraising and logistical support.

Is Climate Ride a "dry" event?
No way, José! Though drinking on the route is never advised, you are free to purchase alcoholic beverages on the road and toss them in the support van to be brought back to camp. You're also free to drink lots of water, juice, or whatever floats your boat!

Who does Climate Ride benefit?
Climate Ride benefits organizations doing inspired work to combat climate change and tackle tough environmental issues, including...Sustainable Harvest International!

How does Climate Ride benefit Sustainable Harvest International?
Sustainable Harvest International is an officially recognized beneficiary of ALL Climate Ride events. When you join our team, most of the money you raise comes back to us to protect precious ecosystems by partnering with farmers in Central America. To learn more about our mission, click here. Note: you must designate Sustainable Harvest International when registering for the ride.

How do I join the Sustainable Harvest International team?
We're so glad you asked!

  1. Register here for Pacific Northwest Ride 2017.
  2. Click the orange “Join Our Team” button.
  3. Select "Sustainable Harvest International" as your SOLE beneficiary organization during “Step 2: Registration Details.”

How much money do I need to raise?
That's a great question. Climate Ride asks each rider to raise at least $2800 in order to qualify for the event. We know that may seem like a lot but we assure you, it's not as hard as you might think! With the advice and tools Climate Ride provides (including your own online fundraising page) and our guidance, it's highly likely you will meet and probably exceed the minimum requirement! Once you commit and tell people what you're doing, you'll be amazed at how inspired your friends and community will be to support you.

Team Captain and Board Member Kathleen Roberton stops for a refreshing juice break during a training ride in Mexico City.

Team Captain and Board Member Kathleen Roberton stops for a refreshing juice break during a training ride in Mexico City.

Do I have to train?
We highly recommend training! It can be one of the most rewarding parts of the experience. Just ask our team captain!

Training rides are a great way to get in shape. Perhaps there's a local cycling group you can pedal with. Or, if fellow team members live in your area, you can ride with them. You can always ask your friends and supporters to train alongside you. The more training you do, the better off you'll be on the ride.

That said, you don't have to be a seasoned rider in order to participate--new riders are very welcome!

How hard is Climate Ride Pacific Northwest?
It's totally up to you. Because the route is open all day, you can go at your own speed. You can ride as slowly or as quickly as you like. You can even stop pedaling and hop in the support van at any point during the ride.

How many miles per day?
Mileage on the Pacific Northwest Ride varies from 30 to 90 miles per day. There are shorter options available for each day plus you can always hop in the support van if necessary. Do every inch of road or as much as you like! Learn more about the route here.

What are the fees?
The registration fee is $100. To learn more about what you get in return for signing up, click here.

Should I do it?
If you like physical challenges, pedaling through landscapes of majestic beauty, and making a difference, the answer is probably YES. If you are willing to inspire and be inspired by others, make new friends, and help farmers to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, the answer is probably YES.

Still unsure? You can always ask your local magic eight ball. Or, contact our team captain, Kathleen Roberton with any questions.

Does Climate Ride offer other experiences besides the Pacific Northwest Ride?
Yes! Climate Ride's calendar includes rides (and hikes!) across the country. This year, Climate Ride Pacific Northwest is our main destination, but you are welcome and encouraged to represent Sustainable Harvest International at any other Climate Ride event.

What if I can't ride but want to help out?
Thank you for your generous spirit! You could consider making a donation to our Climate Ride team or to a specific rider on our team. You could also help to spread the word about the event via social media.

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