The Drawdown Report

"To save humanity, we have to stop releasing greenhouse gases. But that alone won't be enough. We also have to find ways to actually remove carbon from the atmosphere. And fast."

#TheDrawdownReport is a new series from filmmaker Nathan Lee Johnson, in partnership with Sustainable Harvest International. Follow along as we explore practical ways to achieve "drawdown" - actually removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. With the right innovation, can we pull our environment back from the brink?

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“I’m afraid we won’t have anything left.”

Resting on the edge of a field, Don Elias sweeps his hand across the valley.

“This land is our livelihood. It’s our inheritance for our children. And it’s being destroyed.”

He gestures to the bare hillsides that have been stripped of vegetation and intensively farmed with conventional practices. The topsoil has eroded from these slopes, exposing bleached white rocks called “caliche.” This devastated terrain is so prevalent, the community itself is known as El Caliche.

Destructive agriculture - like heavy use of chemicals and slash-and-burn clearing - has left much of the valley’s land useless for farming. And for people who live by what they grow, this is no passing concern. It’s a matter of survival.

“We have a responsibility. For ourselves, for our children. For the future.”

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