Introducing Robin, our New Communications Coordinator!

Introducing Robin, our New Communications Coordinator!

Shortly after receiving an MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Michigan University, Robin McCarthy returned to Maine and joined our communications team. Welcome, Robin!

This week, Robin is in Belize facilitating a staff storytelling training. Following the training, she’ll be visiting partner families in Otoxha, Belize and getting fully immersed in our program.

While in Belize, Robin has taken over our Instagram. Follow her trip at @sustharvintl or #2016robintakeover

Instagram Takeover

Have you checked out our Instagram lately? If so, you may have noticed that it’s been temporarily taken over by Elliott Powell, our new Field Program Director, while he visits our programs. That means that for three weeks, we get to see what Sustainable Harvest International is up to through the eyes of our newest employee!

Seeing the world through Elliott’s eyes is a good thing (that’s part of why we hired him). Last week, he was in Panama. This week he’s in Belize. Next week, he’ll be in Honduras. During this trip, Elliott is meeting the incredible, wise, and dedicated members of the Sustainable Harvest International community—our staff and the families we work with.