Common Ground Country Fair

Common Ground Country Fair in Maine Inspires Organic Fair and Forum in Belize

A stroll through the Common Ground Country Fair in Maine inspired a parallel event in Belize, organized by Sustainable Harvest International-Belize! Read all about it in the Spring 2015 Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener.

Meet Magnolia Rose: Our Youngest, Brightest Major Donor

You know at the beginning of the movie Annie (circa 1982), when Annie saves Sandy from the gang of ruffians who tie a string of cans to his tail? Sandy licks Annie’s cheek in gratitude and Annie deflects, saying, “I didn’t do nothing any decent person wouldn’t have done.” 

Please meet Magnolia Rose Vandiver, one of the most decent people in Maine. Magnolia’s not an orphan and her hair is not curly, red, or big like Quvenzhané Wallis’ but she does possess Annie’s sense of determination and compassion.