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Seed Saving & Storage

Seed Saving & StorageSaving seeds is a fundamental part of creating a sustainable farm that will continue to provide healthy produce year after year, and develop an understanding and appreciation of localized and self-sufficient economies.   Additionally, families are preserving traditional varieties, like purple amaranth or Amaranthus cruentus in Belize, thus conserving an ancient and nutritionally rich vegetable and grain.  

SHI not only provides seeds to help families start gardens and diversify their current crop production, but also offers farmers the skills and training necessary to select, save, and store seeds for the future.  All too frequently, farmers are challenged by market prices for seeds such as the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and subsequently are limited in what they can grow.

SHI Field Trainers are offering a diverse and healthy alternative for farmers, and further empowering the community by way of establishing local seed banks.  For SHI and the families of Central America, seed saving is instrumental to being sustainable and creating localized farms.

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Photos: Seed Saving & Storage

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