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Organic Vegetable Gardens

Organic Vegetable GardensMalnutrition is a very real threat for countless families living in Central America.  In areas where a majority falls well below the poverty level, meals often consist of only basic grains and children suffer without the nutrients vital to good health and growth.  In the villages where SHI works, over 75% of the families have never had access to garden vegetables.  Things like tomatoes and carrots are considered items that only wealthy people can afford.  SHI provides seeds, training and support to families desperate to  grow food to sustain themselves.  Now, over 90% of the families working with SHI have started organic gardens next to their homes with our support.  Children are getting the important nutrients they need and families are increasing their incomes by selling excess produce in the markets and to their neighbors.

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Photos: Organic Vegetable Gardens

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