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Friday, 16 December 2011

Honduras Program Update - Fall 2011

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Currently more Honduran families have entered the third and fourth phases of our program than any other country. Ninety-one rural farmers and families are now diversifying their crops with pineapple, cassava, coffee and plantains for commercialization.

SHI-Honduras recently hosted a Partners for the America volunteer, whose ongoing work will strengthen the program’s efforts to improve local ecosystems. Together they will be taking measures to rehabilitate and protect vital water sources in the many communities where we work.

Some results during the last quarter and fiscal year include:
• 40,782 trees planted (including coffee seedlings)
• 70 acres being cultivated sustainably and organically
• 1,000 liters of bio-fertilizers & foliar fertilizers produced and applied
• $4,200 in additional income generated by 64 families
• 12 educational / training workshops held.

During the last fiscal year, SHI-Honduras participants planted more than 78,000 trees, cultivated 235 acres sustainably and generated $13,198 in income through sale of harvests and value-added products.


"I volunteered with SHI in Honduras many years ago. It was an amazingly inspiring trip, not just because we were able to work side by side with the families we were there to support, but I was able to see firsthand exactly how SHI operates and why its techniques and approach are so successful. SHI is a charity well worth supporting because its mission isn't charity at all -- it's empowerment."

~ Amanda, SHI Supporter