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Friday, 16 December 2011

Panama Program Update - Fall 2011

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Though climate conditions have hampered yields during the past fiscal year, farmers continued to market their crops within their communities and to SHI-Panama partner Culantro Rojo. Nearly $5,000 in produce was sent to Culantro Rojo, providing families in Panama City with healthy and sustainable food choices, and providing SHI participants in rural communities such as San Pedro and Tranquilla with access to markets and income.

In April, SHI-Panama field trainers and farmers participated in a workshop on biointensive agriculture, composting and seed saving.Following the workshop, staff and participants replicated what they learned, and now 50% of SHI-Panama farmers are adopting the biointensive methodology.

During the last quarter of the fiscal year, SHI-Panama: 
• planted 1,600 trees and reforested 2 acres
• installed 18 DAMAK wood-conserving stoves
• trained an additional 25 farming families in biointensive agriculture
• opened a new rural bank in El Entradero.

At the conclusion of the fiscal year, participants had paid back more than $2,000 in micro-loans, increased income by 26% and trained 551 friends and neighbors in the techniques they learned working with SHI.


"SHI is our favorite organization to support. They are well run and have a grounded, workable knowledge of what can be done to help improve the lives of those they serve. In fact they serve us all. The impact of their work affects not only farmers in Central America, but also their families, communities, countries, and ultimately it plays it's part in the sustainability of our global ecosystem. SHI thinks globally, acts locally. Their hearts are in the right place. Please support them if you can."

~ Melinda & Kevin, SHI Supporters